Acoustic Wood Panels

Acoustic wood panels allow architects and designers to combine the warm rich feel of wood with superior acoustic performance. Utilizing today's modern manufacturing processes, acoustic wood wall and ceiling panels can be fabricated with a wide variety of sizes, shapes, finishes, and edge detail. With a large selection of wood species available, acoustic wood panels can be seamlessly integrated into any decor, allowing for unlimited creativity. While a solid wood panel would be typically reflective, acoustic wood panels achieve absorption through precision cut perforations and grooving, allowing sound to to be diffused and pass through to an acoustical fabric backing. Additional acoustic insulation can be added for increased sound reduction.


  • Superior Acoustic Properties With The Warm Aesthetic Quality Of Wood
  • Can Be Used For Both Ceiling and Wall Applications
  • Simple Installation Process
  • Available As Perforated, Micro-Perforated, Grooved, Slotted, Grooved, and Curved Panels
  • Standardized Sizes Are 2400mm x 600mm, 1200mm x 600mm, and 600mm x 600mm With A Thickness Of 16mm. Other Sizes Available.
  • Available In A Variety Of Solid Wood & Wood Veneers

With a wide variety of styles, finishes, and configurations, acoustic wood panels are one of the most innovative and versatile architectural products on the market today.

Decustik Acoustic wood panels eliminate the need to compromise aesthetics for acoustic performance, providing freedom of design while creating an acoustically pleasing environment. Architects and designers have the ability to choose from any commercially available veneers, as well as standard, custom, and color matched finishes. Acoustic wood panels are designed for both wall and ceiling applications, and are available in perforated, micro-perforated, grooved, slotted, and curved panels.


  • Finished Real Wood Veneer Face
  • Available With Composite, Non-Composite, and No Added Urea Formaldehyde Substrates
  • ACOUSTICS: (ASTM 423) - NRC: From 0.70 Without Additional Acoustic Insulation To 0.95 With Additional Acoustic Insulation
  • LEED® Credit: MR4.1, MR4.2, MR7, EQ4.4
  • Available With ASTM-E Class A Fire Rated Core For Additional Absorption
  • 1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects

Why should I choose Decustik Acoustic Wood Wall and Ceiling Panels?

Since 1982 Decustik acoustic and decorative panels have been used in the design of service-industry premises, such as public buildings, auditoriums, theatres, offices, hotels and shops that require an interior acoustic conditioning or design solution. They work with architects, interior design professionals and engineers to create products that adapt to each project's needs. Decustik also collaborates with fitters providing them with all the technical information they need to define, order and install the panels. Decustik's direct, professional service is available all over the world through our international network of specialised technical consultants.

With many manufacturers to choose from, the most important thing to consider is who will you be working with? The role of manufacturer's representative is crucial in being the liaison between the customer and the acoustic wood panel manufacturer. Are they knowledgeable, responsive, and dedicated to your project?

A.L Harding & Co. LLC has been proudly servicing the architectural community, construction industry, and building owners in Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia since 1986. We are dedicated to our customers, and will be there right alongside you to ensure a successful project.


To get started on a project or learn more about acoustic wood wall and ceiling panels, give us a call at 724-745-3001, or CLICK HERE to send us a message.


Acoustic Wood Panel Specifications