Melamine Foam Acoustic Panels & Baffles

Melamine foam acoustic panels and baffles offer excellent acoustic absorption as well as unlimited creativity and design capabilities. Melamine foam acoustic products are available as standard size panels as well as fully customizable solutions delivering creative freedom. Learn More

Pinta Acoustic

Pinta Acoustic develops dimensional wall and ceiling products that provide exceptional acoustical control and unique design. Pinta's products are customizable to deliver creative freedom for architects, interior designers, and building owners. For more than four decades Pinta has worked closely with customers to provide a signature look that exceeds acoustical, aesthetic, and and sustainability requirements.

Specialties: Acoustic Wall & Ceiling Panels, Acoustic Baffles, Ceiling Clouds, Willtec Foam Ceiling Tiles, Cleanroom Acoustic Panels, Barrier/Absorber Composites, and specialty acoustic products.


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