Phenolic Resin Walls & Ceilings

Phenolic Resin architecural products are highly durable, water and chemical resistant, and are available for both interior and exterior applications in all construction types.


Produced in Wisconsin by Fiberesin Industries, Stonewood Phenolic Resin Panels are available in solid color, abstract and faux wood grain patterns giving the designer unlimited ability in design. Thickness from 1/8" to 1", Class A or B fire rating using NFPA 285 wall assemblies, maximum size of 4'x8'. Panels can be fabricated to virtually any size or shape at the factory or also easily on-site. Suited for exterior and interior application. Perforated and slotted panels as well as custom graphics.

Specialties: Solid phenolic panels for use as interior wall coverings or open joint exterior cladding.


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