Rainscreen Attachment Systems

Rainscreen attachment systems are made up of fasteners and sub-frame components that connect the exterior components of a building directly to the interior framing. The shortfall of metal fasteners is that they create thermal bridging. Because metal is a good thermal conductor, thermal bridging occurs when these components create a path of least resistance allowing heat to escape in the winter, and cold to escape in the summer. Rainscreen attachment components fabricated from non-conductve glass fiber reinforced resin composites such as the StronGirt™ System manufactured by STRONGWELL, eliminate thermal bridging as well as condensation, and are structurally stronger than steel. Zero thermal bridging composite rainscreen attachments systems are environmentally friendly, create significant energy savings, and reduce carbon emissions.


  • Lightweight 100% FRP system (no metal to rust or react).
  • Thermally efficient replacement to metal cladding attachment systems.
  • Superior pullout strength and can be installed vertically or horizontally depending on construction requirements.
  • Works with all non-proprietary insulation.
  • No in-field fabrication required.
  • Invisible in rainscreen cavities.
  • Double fastening system on front flange.
  • Code compliant

Zero thermal bridging composite rainscreen attachment systems are environmentally friendly, create significant energy savings, and reduce carbon emissions.

STRONGWELL's StronGirt™ is the ideal continuous insulation (CI) cladding attachment support system. This all-FRP (fiberglass) pultruded composite uses a custom fire-retardant resin system and unique laminate design to offer superior pull out strength, excellent thermal efficiency, and the ability to work with any non-proprietary insulation (no routing or fabricating of rigid insulation is required). The geometry of STRONGIRT™ offers self-draining to clear rainwater, and weep holes can be pre-fabricated or added in the field for additional drainage needs. The product has been engineered for strength and stiffness to support cladding, insulation, and wind loads, while offering a simple, durable, cost effective solution for installers.


  • Tensile Strength (LW) per ASTM D638 - 77,370 psi.
  • Tensile Modulus (LW) per ASTM D638 - 4.39 x 106 psi.
  • Short Beam Shear Strength (LW) per ASTM D2344 - 5,313 psi.
  • Screw Pullout Load Tested using 1/4" #14 external hex head self drilling screws per ASTM D761 - 869 lbf.
  • Flammability Characteristics Tested As An Assembly per ASTM E84 - Flame Spread: Class A, 10, Smoke Density: Class A, 160, NFPA 285 - Passed.
  • Thermal Conductivity Tested As An Assembly per ASTM E1530 - 2.64 BTU-in/ft2-Hr/°F.
  • Bearing Load per ASTM D5961 (Proc A).
  • Screw Head Pull-Through Load Tested As An Assembly per ASTM D7332 - 935 lb.

Why should I choose the StronGirt™ Universal Rainscreen Attachment System by STRONGWELL?

Since 1956, Strongwell has been manufacturing high quality fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) products using "the continuous automatic process" (today known as "pultrusion"). Today, with four manufacturing locations, 65+ pultrusion machines and more than 730,000 square feet of manufacturing space, Strongwell is recognized as the world's leading and largest pultruder of FRP.

With many manufacturer's to choose from, the most important thing to consider is who will you be working with? The role of manufacturer's representative is crucial in being the liaison between the customer and the rainscreen attachment system manuacturer. Are they knowledgeable, responsive, and dedicated to your project?

A.L Harding & Co. LLC has been proudly servicing the architectural community, construction industry, and building owners in Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia since 1986. We are dedicated to our customers, and will be there right along side you to ensure a successful project.


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StronGirtCladding Attachment System Specifications