Rainscreen Attachment Systems

Rainscreen attachment systems are made up of fasteners and sub-frame components that connect the exterior components of a building directly to the interior framing.

Moto Systems

MOTO rain screen framing system was designed by architects and installers that were intent on creating a quality, finely detailed framing system that would compliment the high standards set in their architecture and construction. The patented MOTO system is designed to accommodate all rain screen facades. The MOTO system is designed for interior or exterior applications and will accept many cladding options including panel systems, wood, metal, and fiber cement siding. MOTO has been designed to make installation easier and faster to replace an inferior, more commonly used galvanized framing system.

  • Complete rain screen attachment system including: blades, screws, shims, horizontal L flashing and bug-screen.
  • Installs up to 50% faster than galvanized hat channels dramatically cutting project costs.
  • MOTO comes in 20 feet lengths where galvanized generally comes in 10 feet lengths.
  • MOTO profiles do not need to be sealed after cutting or drilling.
  • Aluminum has a 40 year life expectancy, is 100% recycleable, and can contribute to LEED credits.

Specialties: MOTO SYSTEMS manufactures an aluminum rainscreen framing system designed to fit all rainscreen façades replacing inferior galvanized systems.


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