Rainscreen Cladding

Rainscreen Cladding is the first line of defense in protecting a building's inner wall assembly from exposure to weather. Based on the principal that the movement of water is mainly dependent on the forces of gravity and wind, rainscreen cladding limits the amount of water penetration by breaking its momentum. Any water that does get behind the cladding is only seeping at that point. Rainscreen cladding is attached utilizing a system of subframe brackets and rails creating an air cavity that allows any moisture that does get through to drain off and evaporate. LEARN MORE


Eastern Architectural Products / Cembrit

Eastern Architectural Products, LLC is the premier United States distributor, fabricator and supplier for American Fiber Cement cladding panels that can be used in a wide range of building types. American Fiber Cement offers a wide range of durable products and solutions for exterior cladding systems and is a hardwearing and durable construction material that is ideal for all kinds of exterior protective surfaces. It is lightweight and easy to handle which makes it versatile and suitable for many façade applications and details.

  • Impact and Stain Resistant: Relatively unaffected by day-to-day impacts and stains associated with normal living and working environments.
  • Weather Resistant: Completely unaffected by sub-zero temperatures, snow, frosts and thaws, and by rain, heat, humidity and direct sunlight.
  • Biologically Resistant: Exceptionally resistant to algae and bacteria attacks and the growth of moss, fungi etc.
  • Non-combustible and Fireproof: Classified in accordance with the EN 13501-1 standard, and is chemically impossible to ever contribute a fire.
  • Impervious To Water: Fiber cement can absorb and release moisture for unlimited cycles without affecting the product durability and service life.


Fairview Architectural

Fairview Architectural North America is a leading metal façade cladding manufacturer of high quality and innovative panel systems. Fairview Architectural has the largest selection of colors and finishes available for the construction industry and are the only metal façade cladding manufacturer to offer a complete façade package to customers thanks to our purpose-built and patented Arrowhead® Installation Systems.

Vitrabond Logo

Vitrabond FR® is a metal composite panel that comprises a fire-resistant core sandwiched between two aluminum sheets or other natural metal sheets such as zinc, copper, or Stainless steel. This product composition results in outstanding surface flatness and strength to weight ratio.

  • 4mm Aluminum Composite Panel, Highly Durable, Lightweight, & Easy To Install.
  • Unlimited Color Range - Standard Finishes As Well As Natural Metals, Anodized Finishes, Woodgrains & Specialty Finishes.
  • Superior Finish, Highly Recognized PVDF KYNAR 500® Or FEVE Paints Known For Their High Durability, Optimum Weather Resistance & Protection From Industrial Pollution.
  • Cost Effective & Easy To Fabricate. Can Be Machine Cut, Routed, Roll-Bended, Folded, & Perforated Without Any Loss Of Structural Integrity.

Vitrabond G2 Logo

Vitrabond G2® is the only non-combustible metal composite material, (MCM), manufactured in a continuous coil process. Vitrabond G2® is the lightest weight product in its class and is available in an extensive range of surfaces and finishes.

  • Non-Combustible Metal Composite Material, (MCM) - One Of Only A Few Aluminum Panels Globally That Is Deemed Non-Combustible. Highly Durable, Lighweight, & Easy To Install.
  • Superior Finish, Highly Recognized PVDF KYNAR 500® Or FEVE Paints Known For Their High Durability, Optimum Weather Resistance & Protection From Industrial Pollution.
  • Unlimited Color Range - Available In A Wide Range Of Finishes Such As Solid, Metallic, Natural Metals, Imitation Stone, Timber, Corten Steel, & Copper.
  • Low Maintenance, Cost Effective, & Easy To Fabricate. Can Be Machine Cut, Routed, Roll-Bended, Folded, & Perforated Without Any Loss Of Structural Integrity.

Vitraplate Logo

Vitraplate® is a pre-finished solid aluminum cladding panel with high impact resistance and durability. Vitraplate® aluminum cladding panels are made from marine-grade aluminum that provides first-class panel longevity as well as corrosion resistance.

  • Pre-Finished, Solid Aluminum Cladding Panels With High Impact Resistance & Durability.
  • Superior Pre-Finish, Highly Recognized PVDF KYNAR 500® Or FEVE Paints Known For Their High Durability, Optimum Weather Resistance & Protection From Industrial Pollution.
  • Unlimited Color Range. Comes In A Range Of Finishes Including Natural Metals, Anodized Finishes, Woodgrains & Specialty Finishes.
  • Lightweight & Easy To Install On The Patented Arrowhead® Installation Systems. As Well As Any Other façade Installation System.

Edgeline Logo

Edgeline premium metal flashing material product line, is available in 0.032" and 0.040" thickness and in a 3000 or 5000 Series Aluminum. Edgeline products are available in the same premium coil coated finish as Vitrabond®, Vitrabond G2® and Vitraplate® making it easy to match the material to the exact finish on your building façade.

  • Easy To Fabricate To Fit The Exact Needs Of Your Project.
  • Unlimited Color Range. Available In The Exact Color As Your Building façade.
  • 19 Stock Finishes & Can Be Matched To Any Custom Or Specialty Finish Such As Woodgrains, Natural & Anodized Metals.
  • USES: Parapet Cap, Sill Flashing, Slab Edge Cover, Drip Edge, Beam Wrap, J-Channels.



Geolam® manufactures aluminum/wood hybrid composite architectural products to include exterior cladding, soffits, architectural components, & commercial decking. The Geolam® technology was developed 30 years ago and is a patented process and product technology.

The qualities of rare tropical hardwoods served as a standard in developing the Geolam® wood composite. The Geolam® philosophy is based on taking recycled softwood and recycled polymer resin, (polypropylene), to create a material that can now look back on four decades of refinement and whose defining features include a natural wood look coupled with outstanding durability. This was the dawn of the wood-polymer composite, (WPC), a material inspired by nature and returning the favor by its low carbon footprint.

  • Composed Of 70% ‐ 80% Recycled Material, Easy To Install, Lightweight, & Enviromentally Friendly Utilizing Waste Wood & Recycled Plastic.
  • Patented Process Of Co-Extrusion, Whereby An Aluminum Core Section Is Fabricated With An Outer Covering Of Composite Wood.
  • Strength, Stability, & Versatility Of Aluminum With The Warm Aesthetics Of Natural Wood.
  • Designed To Withstand Harsh Environmental Conditions, Produce No Toxic Fumes, & Carry The Eco-Mark Label.
  • The Same Warmth And Natural Grain Of Wood, With More Durability & None Of The Maintenance.



Headquartered in Chicago, IL, OMNIS is a national distributor of superior sustainable PETRARCH and STENI® Engineered Stone Panels, and the SIKATACK® RAINSCREEN STRUCTURAL ADHESIVE CONCEALED RAINSCREEN ATTACHMENT SYSTEM. Working with a network of top US building envelope representatives, OMNIS provides premium value-added services to installers, architects, contractors, and building owners. OMNIS represents rainscreen panel manufacturers that use Earth-friendly production techniques and upcycled materials in their products. Omnis engineered stone panels are environmentally sustainable, and last a lifetime withstanding harsh environments and vandalism, creating brilliant structures that reduce the life cycle costs and upkeep.

Petrarch Logo

Petrarch Engineered Stone Rainscreen Panels are composed primarily of quarry marble that would otherwise be waste. Working with architects, Petrarch has designed over 1,500 colors with multiple textures and finishes. Like natural stone, Petrarch Panels will endure extreme environmental conditions, vandalism, and exposure for years to come.

  • Extensive and diverse color palette with multiple textures and finishes.
  • Extremely durable and resistant to climate extremes and pollution. Great for high-impact and traffic areas.
  • Highly consolidated with through color, and will not delaminate or decay under any conditions.
  • Easy to install & durable. No need to seal edges and can be field cut. Exposed fastener or back fastener options.
  • 0.15% moisture absorption after 24 hours submersion. NFPA 285, Class A Fire Rating, ICC pending, LEED Certified.
  • Proven performance - 20 year warranty with a life expectancy in excess of 50 years.

Steni Logo

STENI® Colour, Nature Aggregate, and Vision Rainscreen Panels open a world of possibilities in the creative process, combining color, texture, gloss, and patterns to give a building design a truly unique identity. STENI® panels offer flexibility, unparalleled longevity, and an unmatched 60-year warranty.

  • Three styles: Nature, Vision, and Color, with a wide range of formats, 47.75" wide and custom lengths up to 11' 5" long.
  • Curved and corner elements offer a wide variety of design options and produce continuous transitions.
  • Easy to install. Mounted on a ventilated façade system, glued or fastened, panels can be installed any time of year, regardless of weather.
  • Impact-resistant and 100% waterproof. Panels can withstand extreme temperatures.
  • A wide range of support services for logistics and installation, including custom sizes and predrilled panels.
  • Industry-leading 60-year Warranty.


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