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Architectural & Acoustical Walls, Ceilings, & Floors

A solution driven company that has been proudly servicing the architectural community, construction industry, and building owners in Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia since 1986.

We specialize in High-performing & Sustainable architectural products and systems for:

Interior and Exterior Finishes

Interior & Exterior Finishes

Decorative Ceilings & Walls, Metal Column Covers, Light Coves, Ceiling Perimeter Trim, Drywall Trims & Reveals, Standard & Custom Casted GFRG, GFRC, GFRP Products.



Acoustical walls & ceilings (fabric, vinyl, wood, metal), Stretch-Fabric Ceiling & Wall Systems, Sound Blankets/Boards, Diffusers, Baffles, Reflectors, Acoustic Floor Underlayments, Sound & Vibration Isolation.

Rain-Screen Facades

Rain-Screen Facades

Various Rain-Screen Facades To Include Fiber-Cement, Terra-Cotta, Porcelain, Phenolic Resin, & Digitally Printed Siding.

Building Envelope

Building Envelope

Engineered Cladding Attachment Systems, Continuous Insulation, and Water Resistive Vapor Permeable Air Barriers

What's New?

Dizal Digitally Printed Siding!

High-Definition Digital Inkjet Printing

Create photographic reproductions of a wide range of textures and outstanding color variations.

Premium Aluminum & PVC Siding

Offers the most durable, beautiful and realistic look on the market.

Over 20 Different Wood Looks

An array of different colors, sure to fit any style and trend.

Z-CLEAR™ COAT Protective Clear Coat

Provides long-term protection against UV rays and fading.

Our Services

In 1986, A.L. Harding & Co., LLC began as an independent sales firm, proudly representing manufacturers that service the construction industry in Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia. We prepare every day to continue that great service. We do this by partnering with manufacturers that provide exceptional workmanship and the desire to always go the extra step. This is our number one priority and has proven to be a creative formula for delivering successful projects big and small. In establishing long term relationships, we are always grateful to be working alongside architectural design firms, general contractors, and sub/specialty contractors through all phases of a project.

A.L. Harding Architectural & Acoustic Product Manufacturer's Services

Design Assistance & Review

We coordinate with architects, designers, and manufacturers in project design and specifications.

Product Support

Technical information, specifications, samples, mock-ups, warranty assistance.

Project Support

We provide budget estimating, project pricing, and order coordination.

Contractor Training and Assistance

We provide product training and assistance to contractors.

On-Site Installation Evaluation

We offer job site installation evaluations to insure smooth project completion.

Architectural Product Presentations AIA - CES

We offer AIA accredited on site lunch and learn seminars as well as online self-reporting AIA courses..

AIA Ongoing Education Seminars

In our continued efforts to better serve the architectural community, A.L. Harding & Co. is proud to be partnered with leading manufacturers in the architectural and acoustics industries in providing AIA Approved Ongoing Continuing Education Courses to assist architects in earning credits to meet AIA and State requirements. We offer AIA accredited on site lunch and learn seminars as well self-reporting online AIA courses sponsored by Stonewood™ Architectural Panels, and Regupol Acoustics.

Amid the current COVID-19 crisis we understand the importance of practicing social distancing. In addition to our online AIA Courses, we are offering our Lunch & Learn Seminars via Zoom Meetings that allow you to receive course credits safely and conveniently at home or work!

If you would like to schedule a lunch and learn at your location, just click here to fill out the request form and we will be glad to arrange a time that meets your needs.

Want to learn more about architectural and acoustic products? Visit our growing library of educational pages!

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